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Welcome Auckland Aero Club

Altivy is excited to announce that Auckland Aero Club has joined its growing list of subscribers. Altivy is a modern Flight and Learning Management Service that aims to simplify operations by automating the end to end business processes and paperwork in the aviation industry.

Andrew Jurgens, Founder and Director at Altivy, expressed his excitement about this new partnership, while John Brandon, President of Auckland Aero Club, shared why they chose Altivy as their new digital operations platform, "We have been looking at engaging with Altivy for some time and now is right for us to embrace Altivy’s seamless integration of all aspects of The Auckland Aero Club’s operational requirements. The continuous improvement model Altivy embrace enables us to look forward to the increased efficiencies Altivy offers in this next chapter in The Auckland Aero Clubs’ journey. It is very reassuring to have the active, engaged daily support from the Altivy team."

Altivy offers a range of features designed to make life easier for general aviation businesses. Its web-based application allows users to access it from any device, making operations management a breeze. Key features include easy flight booking, automated record-keeping, and integration with accounting software like Xero.

Andrew Jurgens highlighted Altivy's goal of providing a user-friendly interface with powerful automation capabilities.

Gavin Weir, A Category instructor, Examiner and club CFI, explained why they chose Altivy for Auckland Aero Club's digital platform, “Streamlining the Member journey is a big draw for the Club, making it straightforward and quick to see what flying they can do when, and to secure a booking. Incorporating the sign out, sign in, and invoicing processes into a cloud-based system accessible from any computer or device further reduces delays and streamlines administrative time, freeing the operational team to focus on their primary task – teaching our members to fly! Tracking of flights, maintenance and other operational data in one integrated system again improves the workflows of the team and reduces chance of error when transferring data between isolated systems. All in all Altivy brings a new and more unified approach to the entire operational process, and we look forward to reaping the benefits of a fully integrated, digital, cloud-based system.”

One of Altivy's standout features is its ability to automate tasks like creating flight cards and invoices, which can be seamlessly integrated with accounting software. Altivy also simplifies student management tasks, such as scheduling classes and tracking progress, freeing up instructors to focus more on training.

Altivy's advanced features include automated reporting to ensure compliance with regulations, saving time and enhancing accountability. By offering a comprehensive solution for flight and learning management, Altivy helps businesses thrive in the ever-changing aviation industry.

For more information checkout our Deep Dive article – Here- about Altivy and its services, visit


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