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Altivy for Flight Training

Altivy stands as the premier provider of aviation software solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing workflows and enhancing safety and efficiency for aviation professionals. Our state-of-the-art technology is meticulously designed to align with Unit Standards set by the various regulatory qualification authorities, ensuring adherence to unit standards and objectives while streamlining operations.

With Altivy, we proudly introduce a game-changing feature that saves an impressive 20 minutes per student per month, thanks to our automated QA reporting system. This innovation not only minimizes administrative burdens but also frees up valuable time for aviation professionals to focus on core tasks. Whether you're seeking to reduce paperwork, improve operational efficiency, or bolster safety measures, Altivy remains your trusted partner in advancing aviation excellence globally.


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In the dynamic realm of flight training organisations, effective student management and aircraft booking are crucial for operational success and student satisfaction. Our Booking module is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of flight training organisations, providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the reservation process for both instructors and students.

With our intuitive search function, students can quickly locate available aircraft and reserve their training sessions without the need for intricate knowledge of schedules. This streamlined approach ensures that instructors can easily manage their students' flight schedules, optimising aircraft utilisation and minimising scheduling conflicts.

By facilitating swift and hassle-free bookings, our Booking module enhances the overall student experience, promoting greater engagement and participation in flight training activities. With every reservation, instructors and administrators can efficiently track student progress and allocate resources accordingly, ensuring a seamless learning journey for all.

Embrace the efficiency of modern aviation management with our innovative Booking module, designed to elevate the operations of flight training organisations and empower instructors to focus on what they do best—training the next generation of pilots


Per Aircraft

$50 plus tax /mth

Per Instructor (FTE)

$50 plus tax / mth

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