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Altivy for Small Commercial Operators

Altivy is the premier provider of aviation software solutions. Our software is designed to make aviation professionals' lives easier by streamlining workflows and increasing safety and efficiency. With our cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation, we are proud to be at the forefront of the aviation industry. Whether you're looking to improve operations, reduce paperwork or enhance safety, Altivy has the solution for you.


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Our platform offers a seamless booking experience tailored specifically for small commercial operators. With our Mission Templates, Chief Pilots can easily configure minimum operational requirements, ensuring smooth and efficient mission planning. Passenger Manifests, including baggage and NOK detail recording, are effortlessly managed within our system.

Our platform provides automated advice on aircraft seating limits during passenger manifest allocation to further streamline operations. Additionally, based on fuel and passenger data, automated aircraft weight estimates guide administration staff, ensuring optimal loading for each flight.

Our platform automates configuration for missions involving Pilot Under Supervision, simplifying administrative tasks and ensuring compliance. Furthermore, voucher recording for passengers and Cargo Manifest creation for non-passenger flights are seamlessly integrated into our system, providing comprehensive support for all aspects of your operations.


Per Aircraft

$50 plus tax /mth

Per Instructor (FTE)

$50 plus tax / mth

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