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From Manual to Automated. How Altivy is Transforming Reporting

For the average web user, a website's terms and conditions agreement is often viewed as just another mundane task to complete. Most individuals check the box without taking the time to review the fine print. Their main focus is quickly moving on and accomplishing their intended website tasks. Although we may wish that everything could be treated with such indifference, unfortunately, certain aspects of life require our full attention.

For individuals in the aviation industry, compliance with various regulatory requirements is not taken lightly. Similar to how individuals approach website terms and conditions, aviation enthusiasts may wish that this aspect of aviation compliance could be easily ignored and overlooked. However, they know they can’t, as the consequences of neglecting regulations are far too severe to disregard.

As an aviation enthusiast, you know that managing your flight operations is not an easy task. From filling out the necessary paperwork to ensuring compliance with regulations, it can be an overwhelming experience. Altivy is a cloud-based flight management software that can help you automate and streamline the process of managing your Part 91, 135, and 141 requirements, saving you time and effort.

In this article, we will explore how Altivy can make compliance easier for aviation enthusiasts by automating the documentation process and providing a centralised location for all your necessary documents.

How can Altivy help?

Altivy is a cloud-based flight management software that provides a centralised location for managing all your necessary documents and automating the process of filling them out correctly. Let's take a look at how Altivy can help aviation enthusiasts manage their requirements.

Automated documentation process

Filling out and managing documents can be a tedious and time-consuming process. With Altivy, you can automate the documentation process and save time and effort. The software provides guided workflows that ensure you correctly complete the required documentation and adhere to requirements.

Moreover, Altivy's mobile-friendly forms can be accessed from anywhere, making it easy to fill out necessary documents on the go. This feature is especially beneficial for pilots who may be out of the office or on the move and need to fill out documents quickly.

Centralised information management

One of the most significant benefits of using Altivy for managing your requirements is the centralised information management system. All your necessary completed digital forms are stored in one location, making it easy to access and update them as needed.

Altivy's information management system is cloud-based, meaning you can access your documents from anywhere, at any time. This feature is especially beneficial for aviation administrators who may be travelling or working remotely.

Compliance with regulations

One of the biggest challenges of managing your requirements is ensuring compliance with regulations. Altivy provides real-time data collation, meaning you can stay current on operational matters relating to your organisation. This feature is especially useful for aviation administrators who may not have the time or resources to keep track of what is happening airside.

Increased efficiency

Managing your requirements can be time-consuming and often requires much manual effort. Altivy can help increase efficiency by automating many of the processes involved in managing information.

With Altivy, you can say goodbye to sifting through piles of paper and worrying about making mistakes. The software makes it easy for pilots to complete and submit documentation correctly and efficiently. This feature is especially beneficial for aviation administrators who may have limited resources and need to make the most of their time.

Here's how Altivy can help:

  • Streamline the documentation process: Altivy's SaaS Flight Management software streamlines the documentation process, saving time and effort for pilots and clubs.

  • Guided, configurable workflows: With Altivy's guided, configurable workflows, pilots, syndicates, and clubs can focus on flying and decision-making instead of paperwork.

  • Mobile-friendly forms: Altivy's mobile-friendly forms automatically populate the necessary digital documents required by the organisation when you fly, reducing the need for manual data entry and ensuring accurate completion.

  • Full visibility of information: Altivy provides full visibility of information in one place, allowing for timely insights to maximise safety and efficiency.

  • Automatic filing: Altivy's cloud-based system automatically files all completed forms, ensuring that all required information is completed correctly, saving significant energy in producing organisational and regulatory reporting.

Altivy is just the solution you’ve been looking for! A cloud-based software that can revolutionise how you manage your aviation club operations.

Here's how Altivy can make your life easier:

  • Bid farewell to paper copies: With Altivy, you can easily access and fill out all the required documents online, eliminating the need to sift through paper copies.

  • Ensure accuracy and safety: Altivy ensures that all the required information is filled in correctly and accurately, reducing the risk of errors that could lead to dangerous situations.

  • Increase efficiency: Altivy automates the process of inputting and organising flight data, saving hours of time and reducing the risk of human error.

  • Centralised information: Having all the necessary documentation in one location means that everyone in the club can easily access and share information, further streamlining operations.

  • With Altivy, aviation clubs can stay compliant with regulations, while also saving time and increasing efficiency.

Pilots can focus on flying safely, and administrators can focus on running a successful club. Say goodbye to paperwork headaches and hello to hassle-free flying with Altivy.

Thankfully, Altivy has got you covered! Altivy understands the challenges pilots and aviation professionals face in information management. With Altivy, pilots can say goodbye to the hassle of manual record-keeping and jumping between different systems.

Altivy is specifically designed to assist in compliance with regulatory requirements, alleviating the stress and hassle of managing complex documentation. The mobile-friendly platform also allows for easy access and updating of documentation, further streamlining the process.


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