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Every pilot, every flight, home safe.



In partnership with Operators, Regulatory Authorities, Clubs and Training Institutes, Altivy delivers an easy to use, web-based application to book and fly aircraft. The application provides a guided process within a robust framework that follows the best safety principles and increases efficiency and engagement within the GA community.



  • Integrity

    • The power of rationalization and the difficulties of definition reveal integrity as a subject that is neither easy nor simple. These choices require personal judgment and will require us to “own” our choices, take personal responsibility, and always act in good faith towards each other.

  • Competence

    • We will deliver what we promise because we know our areas of competence and will look to excel in those areas. We will seek to understand new capabilities and not be “above” leaning on the experience and capability of others.

  • Consistency

    • We are in this for the “long haul” with the intent to support the GA community to achieve its goals through a constant application of skill and effort. We will be known for our reliability of delivery and that our actions speak for themselves as a measure of our shared commitment to the community.

  • Loyalty

    • “We will take a bullet for each other”. Not literally but most certainly figuratively. We are in this together and when we face the inevitable challenges we will be unified in our accountability. We want the absolute best for the GA community and will tirelessly strive to earn the loyalty of our customers.

  • Openness

    • There is nothing that can’t be overcome with an honest conversation when it is centred on the tenants of our shared trust. We will approach all conversations as ones we will be thankful to have as we will become stronger in our relationship and we will be ensuring the sustainability of our products.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Altivy will engage in social activities that raise safety awareness and creates opportunities to promote positive awareness of the GA community at home and internationally. This will be achieved through a financial stream included in the company financial plan from day one.

At Home

We are actively seeking ways to "give back" and we would welcome any approach from a Not For Profit organisations in the GA community seeking ways in which we can help.


It's early days yet but we are hoping to be able to negotiate a way we can practically help a school for underprivileged girls get basic training that would lead to an interest in Aviation Engineering.

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