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Available Mid November

About Altivy Pro

Easy Access Flight and Learning Management Service

Altivy completely automates your general aviation business processes and paperwork; surfacing timely information so you can make informed decisions increasing safety and efficiency

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On top of all of the great work we've done in Flight Manager (core) and Learning Manager we've been working hard at automating and consolidating your paperwork and processes.

Your  commercial needs and requirements being a Part 135 commercial organisation have been automated and consolidated into a single pane of glass that all Line Pilots / Admins / Chief Pilots need with a configurable workflow based on the following;

  1. Predefine and authorised mission templates

  2. Administrators can use a template to create a booking

  3. Passenger and cargo manifest entry showing potential effect on aircraft weight

  4. Fly each leg recording information as you go 

  5. Automated invoice creation for each passenger into Xero or record cash, credit card or voucher use.

What we've done

Are you comfortable you have access to all the information to be able to safely and compliantly operate a flight?​

Wish you had the digital capability and automated operating packages of the large airlines?

Administration staff needing to go back and forth with your pilots to understand if they can make a booking due to weight, seat numbers and approved line checked pilots?

Finding yourself thinking about all the various paperwork process steps and not important information like your SOPs, weather or NOTAMS? 

Losing time jumping between paperwork? 

Tired of putting the same information in multiple locations?

What we've heard

​Here is just a taste of what you will enjoy entrusting your flight operations with Altivy.

All the features of Flight Manager and Learning Manager plus:

  • Mission Templates with minimum operational requirements configured by Chief Pilot

  • Passenger Manifest including baggage and NOK detail recording.

  • Automated aircraft seating limits advice during passenger manifest allocation

  • Automated aircraft weight estimates based on fuel and passengers to guide administration staff

  • Automated Pilot Under Supervision configuration for missions

  • Voucher recording for passengers

  • Cargo Manifest creation for non-passenger flights

Should you wish to fix your monthly costs, we charge a base fee of $100 plus $50 per resource (Aircraft/Pilot) plus GST if applicable. Need bulk pricing? Give us a call to discuss your needs.


We understand that our aviation industry can experience significant variations in monthly revenue. Therefore,  we also offer a variable monthly fee that is linked to your variable revenue.

This pricing model implements the well known and accepted "Booking Fee" practice and is added to each passenger on the missions you fly in Altivy. The booking fee is automatically added to any invoices generated or you can include it in your voucher pricing.  


For your organisation, this effectively means Altivy is free to your organisation.


Talk to us about your financial needs today.


Pricing Model



As a student user it's quite cool being able to book your 'own' plane using Altivy. Availability is aligned between plane and instructor, making it easy to plan your own training.


The answer for booking, recording and safety management .

The perfect solution to every problem and so well supported by the Altivy team.

Syndicate Manager

We have very recently adopted Altivy, and can see its value as an integrated booking / invoicing / tech-log / Learning management software system all in the one package; and because its cloud based, it can be operated from anywhere with internet access, making it easier for our part time club Executive to administer.


We think it is a step in the right direction for our club as we strive to move into the digital age.” 


Using Altivy makes planning your flights a non-event. Life happens and Altivy allows you to replan and rebook with ease... Capturing flight data a is a breeze in Altivy by smartly re-using previous flight's ending details (engine time etc) as starting details of the current flight.


In terms of the day-to-day operations of the club, Altivy has absolutely blown me away. In fact, the entire process is rather straightforward.

Club Captain

We have really appreciated the responsiveness of the aviation enthusiasts that make up the Altivy Software Development team, to suggestions / ideas for enhancements to meet our specific needs.


I am really excited to continue this partnership and see the Altivy system evolve with us as an organisation."


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Please get in contact with us if you have any questions.

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